Head Office Repair Centre in Birmingham

Head Office Repair Centre in Birmingham

The CAS Assembly Tooling and Services Head Office Repair Centre in Birmingham is able to support a key customer with over 14000 key engineers covering the UK repairing various essential tools.

🔧🔩Tools often get damaged and are used until they break and the CAS team are on hand to repair them when they do.

For this particular customer, engineers whom are on the road constantly, meet at a central point to drop off repairs, and they are then sent to us.

Head Office Repair Centre in Birmingham, CAS Assembly Tooling and Services

Thankfully we have experienced technicians on hand and ready to repair them quickly and efficiently.

Head Office Repair Centre in Birmingham

A recent crib project

A recent crib project – CAS Assembly Tooling and Services

A recent crib project was that our client wanted to reinstate an assembly line for a future product. CAS Assembly Tooling and Services were going to be in their element here! We were asked to go and assess the project and produce a solution for the required work. We got the production line plans and looked at each station individually. Due to this being an already established site with lots of tooling already purchased for various other projects we started with what spare tools that could be utilised. At the same time we were keeping in mind the critical spare tools that are required for the everyday running of the site.

A recent crib project at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services

Ethan programming

By doing this step first we were then able to look and what gaps we had to fill with new products, this also allowed our client to understand the budget required making their investment as cost effective as possible.

What challenges did we face?

We were faced with some challenges along the way with delivery schedules due to a global component shortage meaning dates would slip. With knowing this we worked with the customer to produce a plan allowing us to keep the project on track. We then waited until the new equipment and tools were delivered.

Time was a big influence for this project, and as we had many stations to furnish out, we created a station standard form for the installation of hardware. This detailed everything required in each station and what level of network was required. Understanding our client’s needs allowed us to make improvements to the already existing dedicated tooling network infrastructure in place. We utilised the previously abandoned network cabinet and added a link between production areas. This enabled a more fluid tooling network environment.

This was such a successful project that it was noticed across other departments, that we received some very nice feedback for a happy customer.

Another satisfied customer for CAS Assembly Tooling and Services and a pat on the back to Matthew Brooke and the Service and Support team for taking control of this project from beginning to end.

A recent crib project, CAS, Tooling in Birmingham

Tools being fixed at CAS HQ

Anti-kick devices at CAS

Anti-kick devices at CAS

An Operator dropped a battery angled screwdriver recently at an engine manufacturer customer of ours after it ‘kicked’ during shut-off. As we provide Anti-kick devices at CAS, this was a prime opportunity for us to be able to solve a problem.

The customer asked CAS for potential countermeasure options, so we took in a similar tool with an anti-kick device fitted. We tightened earth straps at a high level due to possible future health and safety risks.

Line trials carried out by comparing this tool to what they previously used on the actual fixings.

Our contact, the Team Leader and his team were so impressed that we ended up demonstrating to the Section Manager, the H&S Manager and then the Shop Operations Manager.

It was then left with the customer to carry out further trials and was concluded as the countermeasure.

These are on order now and awaiting delivery with the solution rolled out across site and then shared to their sister sites.👌

The solution sold itself and is exactly what they needed to alleviate the issue being experiencing.😃

Call us on 0121 327 1700 or send us an email to info@cas-ltd.uk.com for more information and let us help with your tooling solutions.

Power Flush Repairs and Servicing

Power Flush Repairs and Servicing

Power Flush Repairs and Servicing

Power Flush Repairs and Servicing has been something CAS Assembly Tooling and Services have been doing since September 2020. One of our service technicians was asked a question by a customer and he replied well we could easily repair the power flushes. That’s where the story started and we’ve been doing them ever since!

A happy customer at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services today 😃

We repaired and serviced these power flushes for an energy provider. These are used commercially and domestically to clear out heating systems.

Power Flush Repairs in Birmingham, CAS Tooling and Assembly Services

Power Flush Repairs waiting to be collected and delivered back to the customer.

What might the problem be?

They had various issues from faulty motors to cracked moulded tanks, and faulty levers. All were diagnosed and repaired swiftly.

This morning they have been collected and more delivered for repair. Our Service Technician, Alan is ready for a busy Friday!

Power Flush Servicing & Repairs at CAS Tooling and Assembly Services

Glad to be able to assist with a tooling solution. For more information, take a look at our website page on Power Flush Repairs and Servicing here or give us a call on 0121 327 1700.

Damaged Alloy Wheels – A Solution.

Damaged Alloy Wheels – A Solution.

Damaged Alloy Wheels – A Solution.

The video here is footage of the wheels being secured to a vehicle in one of automotive facilities in the West Midlands.

It shows the operators fitting a bespoke wheel protection cassette to the loose fitted wheel nuts. This is prior to engaging the multi-spindle DC tooling power-head.  This secures all nuts as a synchronised process.

The company identified a major issue with the cost of replacing or repairing damage to alloy wheels. This was being claimed by their dealer networks.

CAS Assembly Tooling and Services were approached to provide a solution to ensure that no damage was created at any point during the fitting and securing process. They believed that the operators were not being sufficiently careful when engaging the power-head with the wheels and causing damage to the alloy wheels.  Once the wheel is secured to the vehicle the cassette is removed and used on the next wheel.

The experienced CAS engineers developed this design concept, produced a 3D CAD model, manufactured prototypes and proved the solution was viable.

The device acts as a slave adapter that fits between the wheel and the power tool and incorporates a shield to prevent the sockets coming into contact with the surfaces of the wheels.

We received a purchase order to deliver a production solution and it has been in place and operated for around four years now, saving the company tens of thousands of pounds every year.

Another solution we delivered to our customer which started life on the whiteboard of Jason Kane! Another one of CAS Tooling Solutions.

Here is the CAD drawing designed back in the day!

Damaged Alloy Wheels - A Solution.

CAD Design – Jason Kane

Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners have been demonstrated recently at our Birmingham office. This was to show us the range of new and upgraded cordless vacuum cleaners. All are powered by Makita lithium batteries with impressive run times. Good news! – We are now able to demo on site at your facility anywhere in the UK.

You Tube Link

We were especially impressed with the backpack models designed for stairs. Ideal for places such as cinemas, theatres, airports, train stations, car showrooms, offices and many more.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, CAS Assembly Tooling and Services, Birmingham, Tooling distribution

CAS Assembly Tooling and Services

Contact us for further information about the Makita Cordless Cleaners and/or a demo.

Call us on 0121 327 1700.