Hand Arm Vibration - HAVS

Hand Arm Vibration – HAVS

Employees who regularly use power tools may be at risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) which is due to the vibrating nature of the tools.

Do you and your team regularly use power tools at work?

HAVs is preventable but once the damage is done it is permanent. Hand-arm vibration can be a significant health risk wherever handheld tools are used for prolonged lengths of time therefore protecting the user from excessive exposure is essential for a safe working environment, limit the risk of putting employees at risk and the likelihood of a legal claim made against the employer.

The most effective way of controlling & monitoring exposure is by carrying out HAV testing – a service CAS are qualified in offering either at our Birmingham premises or at your place of work.

What is Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome?

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is the collective name for symptoms experienced by people who regularly use power tools as part of their job. You may have seen in the media the term “vibration white finger” – HAVS is now the industry recognised term for the symptoms experienced to the hand and lower arm such as weakness, white fingers and damage to blood vessels and nerves.

Proper Planning can Reduce the risks

It is important that businesses are aware of the risks and have clear procedures in place to look after their staff. 

Clear guidance, support and communication can go a long way and this is where CAS has the team on hand to ensure all of your planning and procedures are covered.

How can CAS help?

CAS regularly helps businesses to protect staff at the heart of their business through our extensive solutions:

  • Audit & Review – CAS can help your team assess all of the risks associated from HAVS, potential tools for review and procedures you need to support your team.
  • Training Services – helping staff to understand the potential for long-term injury and ways that tools can be use to reduce the potential risk of injury. Regular staff training can make a world of difference.
  • Calibration & Servicing for Power Tools – regular maintenance and servicing of power tools can ensure they are working optimally to reduce the potential risks. Our service and calibration team are on hand to support your needs
  • Assessments of tooling requirements – we can help ensure your team are using the correct tools for the job, in the right way and with right protection.

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