How can CAS Ergo help reduce stress and fatigue?

How can CAS help reduce stress and fatigue?

How can CAS help reduce stress and significantly provide improvements with muscle fatigue, back and neck pain? What can reduce the chance of injury?

As one of the CAS Ergo variety of products on offer, the airframe is successfully reducing stress and fatigue for skilled workers.

They are work in progress at major manufacturers around the world including BMW, John Deere and Toyota.

Because of the world pandemic health and safety policies have been reviewed as have HR manuals. It bought to the forefront of many businesses, how employees need to be cared for on the health and safety front. At CAS we ensure this happens by the distribution of CAS Ergo devices. Because of our demonstrations we can now show how they work and prove the workability and benefits.

Health and safety at work is really important to us as tool distributors and as part of our package with tooling we can advise and provide the best products for many industries. These include aerospace, manufacturing, construction, automotive, tree surgery, and the medical industry plus many more.

How can CAS help reduce stress and fatigue?

Industry leader to help muscle stress and fatigue

✔It’s revolutionised the way we think about PPE.

So, it’s great to see how the #airframe works in all kinds of industries. Watch the videos here to see how it affects the workforce. However, one device may not work where as another does. That’s why we demo on a regular basis in front of the right people. A great stress and fatigue solution.

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Demonstrations are available to book in advance.

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