Makita tooling – Is this for your company?

Makita tooling – Is this for your company? CAS Assembly Tooling and Services are Makita tooling ASA (Authorised Service Agent) accredited.

The number of companies allowed to do this in the UK is limited therefore we are honoured to have this authority. It highlights our quality of service and commitment to our longstanding relationship with one of the leading global brands in battery powered tooling.

The team at CAS love to demonstrate how battery powered tooling works and how they work in different industries. The automotive industry is where our journey with Makita started.

If it’s advice you need on what works in your industry, let us know here and if you have a faulty makita tool then we can certainly help at our workshop with the team at the CAS head office in Birmingham. Call us here.

So, Makita tooling – Is this for your company?
Makita Tooling

Makita Tooling – Use CAS advice for the best solution

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