CAS assembly tooling and services launch Norbar partnership

Here at CAS we are constantly looking to improve our product range, keeping up to date with the latest tooling technologies, enabling CAS to offer the most extensive, and more importantly, the best, product range possible.

Norbar Torque Tools manufacture a huge range of the highest quality torque wrenches, covering torque values from 1 Nm to 2000 Nm. They are designed and produced to exceed international standards for accuracy. In addition to normal ‘adjustable’ torque wrenches, Norbar offers Production ‘P’ Type versions which can be pre-set and dedicated to a particular application. This setting system is designed to discourage unauthorised alteration.

All Norbar torque wrenches are offered as standard with a quality ratchet. For applications where interchangeable end fittings are required, ‘Torque Handles’ are also available in various models up to 650 N·m.

For more information on Norbars range and how it could aid your production, please call a member of the CAS sales team on 0121 327 1700. 


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