YMCA Sleepout – 2023

YMCA Sleepout – 2023

YMCA – Sleepout 2023

The YMCA – Sleepout 2023 is an event organised each year to raise money for the homeless in and around the Burton on Trent area. Our Financial Director Brian, and his wife Sarah are participating in 8 days time, in the sleepout,  joining over 100 other amazing people. They are all giving up their warm, comfy beds for one night so that others don’t have to.

Sarah originates from Burton on Trent and the YMCA charity has always been something close to her heart. After learning about what the fundraisers do and the volunteers recently it’s opened her eyes as to what homeless people go through, often through no fault of their own.

The YMCA know from experience that working with homelessness, prevention, and outreach that there are many fears and anxieties felt by people experiencing this dreadful situation.

  • No one wakes up and decides to be homeless out of choice and everyone has a different story.

What are they?

  • Anxious about safety and fear of abuse or attack.
  • Isolation, loneliness and cut off from society
  • Lack of stability and a safe place to stay
  • No access to basic washing facilities or even health services
  • Finding somewhere to sleep that offers cover from the weather elements and then it is poor quality sleep.

Homelessness and the fear of it can be debilitating mentally and physically.

YMCA - Sleepout 2023, Brian and Sarah at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services do their 'bit' for charity!

This year, CAS have sponsored a cardboard box for the YMCA – Sleepout 2023. We are looking for sponsorship to help with our chosen charity this year.😉

If anyone has a few pounds to help support this amazing charity and the work the volunteers do, we’d appreciate it. Here’s the link.

Good luck Brian and Sarah sleeping outside, in a cardboard box. This will be their shelter, in a tunnel at Burton Albion Football Club.📦😬

To find out more about the YMCA, check out this link.

Hunic Exoskelton suits

Hunic Exoskelton suits

Hunic Exoskelton suits

We posted in September about how CAS had been nominated to be the UK’s provider of Hunic Exoskeleton suits by XPO Logistics.

XPO Logistics

XPO, is a leading global provider of innovative and sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions. They have successfully completed a pilot trial of the HUNIC  suits at certain company sites. The technology will be deployed across the UK and Ireland later this year which is fantastic news for their employees and their health, safety and well-being.

The HUNIC exoskeleton technology supports the wearers during heavy lifting and ensures correct posture to reduce the risk of injury.

The SoftExos were introduced in January at XPO Logistics network locations and some dedicated warehouses, including:

·      Crick (Scania)
·      The shared warehouse in Leicester (Samsung)
·      The Volkswagen Group UK National Parts Distribution Centre in Dordon
·      Glen Dimplex
·      Daimler in Milton Keynes.
Prestigious Nomination from XPO Logistics for CAS! Hunic Exoskelton suits from CAS Ergo

The Hunic Soft Exo Suit

Significant increases in productivity have been observed with the Hunic Exoskelton suits. It’s important to emphasise that these enhancements do not stem from the ability to lift more loads. However, it’s rather from the continuous support the solution provides.

This support from CAS Ergo helps to reduce fatigue among employees and minimises errors in picking. Alternatively, can be due to inattentiveness, particularly towards the end of their shifts.

The reduction in errors and injuries leads to a significantly lower error rate. This improved accuracy and workplace safety have an immediate impact on overall productivity. Fewer errors mean less time and resources are spent on error correction, resulting in more efficient work processes.

Consequently, we can confidently say that the solution not only safeguards the health and safety at work procedures of employees but also greatly enhances productivity. This reduces the error rate and optimising work processes.

We’d like to invite you to be kept in the loop and receive the latest updates on the Hunic Suit.
Click here to subscribe for the newsletter and feel free to contact us for further information either on linkedin or call Neil Evans, our Sales Director on 07717 202225.

Demo’s available but there is currently a waiting list due to demand so please let us get you booked in the diary!

Hunic Exoskelton suits on trial at a Health and Safety exhibition in 2021

Hunic Exoskelton suits

🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

👉Great to have received these comments recently and it’s not every Tuesday it’s 🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

From : Senior Director at a High value automotive company.👌

” I wanted to take a moment following the line start-up this morning. This was to express my thanks for Matt (Brooke) on the successful delivery of the Wheel Fit Station move project over the Summer Shutdown period.

Matt, and the team he assembled, showed outstanding dedication to safety. Also, meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire shutdown period. Please pass on my thanks to the full contracting team.

The ability to manage and contain the complexities and challenges that arose during the project (the bent torque tube and broken spring balancer) was notable. These ultimately could have risked our ability to build vehicles today.

In addition, the method by which the project was managed day to day has set a new standard for how high-risk projects are managed on site.

Please accept my thanks and know that your team’s dedication has made a lasting impression.”

It’s great to receive testimonials now and again and for this project. We are particularly grateful to our very own Matt Brooke for taking on the challenge with dedication and pride for CAS Assembly Tooling and Services yet again. Great to have him and his expertise on board.

If anyone wishes to hear more about our projects and how we can help them in any industry, not only the automotive, you are welcome for a chat. Please call Neil Evans or Jason Kane to talk about anything project management! Call on 01213271700

🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

Advanced production tooling

Advanced production tooling

Advanced production tooling is necessary in your production for several reasons:


The right solution enables the production process to be carried out in the quickest and most efficient way. In turn, this boosts your productivity. The use of specialised tools allows workers to complete tasks with greater accuracy and speed. Thus reducing the time required spent on tightening threaded fasteners. The fine tuning of assembly tightening strategies within DC tools can maximise run down speed and reduce fastening time per fixing.

Advanced production tooling at CAS Assembly and Tooling in Birmingham


The use of the correct production tooling ensures that each product is manufactured consistently to the same specifications. This is particularly important in industries where products must meet strict quality standards or regulatory requirements. With error proofed production and operator guidance, faults can be eliminated. Then, the gathering of torque and process data can provide both full traceability of each tightening. This then produces a ‘birth certificate’ of the process and it various components that were undertaken.


By using specialised tools, manufacturers can reduce the cost of the manual labour element. It can also keep uptime levels to their maximum and in many cases can offer reduced operating costs and energy consumption savings. This can result in significant cost savings for the factory. Supported by reliability centred maintenance contracts tools can be kept to perform to their optimum. This then reduces expensive down time and repair costs.


Production tooling can be designed to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. For example, tools fitted with correct reaction devices can help prevent workers from injury and fatigue related issues. Tools can be insulated to protect from electrocution (in EV / Battery assembly). Removing air lines and cables by offering battery operated solutions can reduce trip hazards. This makes for a cleaner working environment. Correctly specified sockets and covers can protect the operator from trapped / damage fingers associated with operating tasks whilst wearing work gloves on. This is a common demand and risk in many processes / plants.

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)



Battery technology in assembly tools and advanced energy efficient DC solutions reduce energy costs associated with tooling vs pneumatic and less advanced solutions within the market place. Sourcing equipment from companies committed to developing the most energy efficient products, who operate sustainability and focus on their carbon footprint and recycling procedures can limit the impact of tooling on the environment. Operator guidance solutions can help to reduce waste in your process and support right first time methodology, which in turn reduces your waste and subsequent carbon footprint.♻️


Overall, production tooling is an essential component of modern manufacturing processes, enabling factories to produce high-quality products quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Advacned Production Tooling at CAS


Our CAS Assembly and Tooling Account Managers extensively support UK manufacturing companies to ensure production tooling is correctly specified, kept up to date and in use with the latest technologies.

If you have any queries, please call us on 0121 327 1700. One of our team will be happy to help!

Let’s introduce John Adams!

Let’s introduce John Adams!

Let’s introduce John Adams!..to the team at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services.

John began working for JCB back in 2004 and in 2007 joined the ‘Manufacturing Engineering’ team. This is where he met a certain Sales Manager who went by the name of Neil Evans!!😉

Neil Evans, Sales Director at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services became a regular visitor to JCB and they often went for a brew!🍵

During his time at JCB John was lucky enough to have worked on numerous projects in the UK and abroad. This ranged from day-to-day problem solving to the introduction of new machines to the assembly line.

Having taken voluntary redundancy from JCB in June 2020 when Covid struck, John went self-employed for a while before taking a Production engineer role in Tamworth.

When an opportunity to join CAS came about in 2022, he jumped at the chance to join the team.

✅John finally joined CAS in Feb 2023 as JCB Service Contract Manager. It’s great to have him on board with the JCB and CAS team!


During John’s spare time he can be found competing in Hillclimb and Sprint events in a Renault sport Clio197, and is a regular in the ‘Curbrough Sprint Championship’ where last year he finished 2nd in class. (Must do better!!)

When not racing, John is most likely to be found in his garage tinkering with the car in the quest to find the odd 1/10th of a second or so.

John Adams at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services, JCB Service Contracts Manager

He follows most car & motorcycle racing so to summarise if it’s got an engine he’s interested!!

John also has a retired racing Greyhound who loves to take him for a walk!🐕