Damaged Alloy Wheels – A Solution.

Damaged Alloy Wheels – A Solution.

Damaged Alloy Wheels – A Solution.

The video here is footage of the wheels being secured to a vehicle in one of automotive facilities in the West Midlands.

It shows the operators fitting a bespoke wheel protection cassette to the loose fitted wheel nuts. This is prior to engaging the multi-spindle DC tooling power-head.  This secures all nuts as a synchronised process.

The company identified a major issue with the cost of replacing or repairing damage to alloy wheels. This was being claimed by their dealer networks.

CAS Assembly Tooling and Services were approached to provide a solution to ensure that no damage was created at any point during the fitting and securing process. They believed that the operators were not being sufficiently careful when engaging the power-head with the wheels and causing damage to the alloy wheels.  Once the wheel is secured to the vehicle the cassette is removed and used on the next wheel.

The experienced CAS engineers developed this design concept, produced a 3D CAD model, manufactured prototypes and proved the solution was viable.

The device acts as a slave adapter that fits between the wheel and the power tool and incorporates a shield to prevent the sockets coming into contact with the surfaces of the wheels.

We received a purchase order to deliver a production solution and it has been in place and operated for around four years now, saving the company tens of thousands of pounds every year.

Another solution we delivered to our customer which started life on the whiteboard of Jason Kane! Another one of CAS Tooling Solutions.

Here is the CAD drawing designed back in the day!

Damaged Alloy Wheels - A Solution.

CAD Design – Jason Kane

Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

Shaun Byford and Jason Hannon attended one of our construction company customers in the West Midlands this week. The company has a diverse set of skills covering product design and development, performance and validation testing. They also have system control and integration, machine learning and data analytics.  The engineering team is a critical component and CAS Assembly Tooling and Services in Birmingham are delighted to be working with a forward thinking global construction company.


With sustainability as a core value, the U.K. team develops services and products which places them at the forefront of the green future and are constantly looking for improvements and efficiencies. These advancements take account of the entire lifecycle, increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They  are also improving interconnectedness of systems and minimizing waste through remanufacturing expertise.

CAS have built a strong relationship over the years with the guidance and leadership of Neil Evans and we continue to make improvements, manage their supply and installation of on site tooling and servicing their production tooling. We learn together, and on site, to solve day to day challenges as a team.

Our experienced engineers, Jason and Shaun have converted an old ‘Tech motive CS 5700’ which was 18 years old and replaced it with a Desoutter CVI3 controller, a visual and audible lamp system and a networked CVI analyser reporting system.

Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

Image of Shaun with the old controller!

The Outcome

So, Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

Now, Managers can look at live data and results from anywhere in the factory which they couldn’t before. The results consist of torque and angle results when they tighten the cylinder head bolts on an engine. The outcome of a forward thinking company.

Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

The replacement controller – Desoutter CVI3 controller

✔Better process, fantastic results. For more details please contact Neil on 0121 327 1700


How time flies!

How time flies!

How time flies! – So, it’s 21 years since the birth of CAS Assembly Tooling and Services. Only our Chairman, Dave Heard has been here for that long as he is the one who started the company – from scratch!

Back in May 2001 the company acquired stock, assets and the benefit of existing contracts of Redhouse Engineering. Things really started to move in the industry with Dave at the forefront. In July 2002 CAS opened a new branch in Stoke on Trent. Things continued to improve and in October 2006 CAS were appointed to be a Makita Tool Distributor. Following on from this in November of the same year, CAS were appointed DeSoutter Tool Distrubutor. Bosch followed in 2008.

Lots of new tooling contracts were obtained by employing the right people into the right jobs and keeping communication levels running with key account managers. Accounts were opened in many industries including aerospace and manufacturing, but mainly in the automotive arena. We managed to secure many contracts with prestigious automotive companies which are still in place today and we are very proud.

Changes have taken place along the way and it’s by no means been an easy ride especially through the world wide pandemic for obvious reasons.

We are please to confirm and are very proud that with the four key directors now in place, and Dave as the Chairman, taking a back seat in the running on the company, CAS Assembly and Tooling thrives week on week and continue to secure fantastic contracts with key relationships being the key. Delivering the right tools and processes in any plant whether that be bespoke or not, our CAS Sales Team work hard to establish new relationships as well as looking after old ones.

Call us on 0121 327 1700 for an update on how we could help your company thrive with bespoke tooling and processes.

Here’s to the next 21 years!..and yes..How time flies!

Re-accreditation – First Aid Training

Re-accreditation – First Aid Training

Re-accreditation – First Aid Training

An ‘Emergency First Aid in the Workplace’ course took place today at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services as a re-accreditation exercise. 8 members of staff were in the office for a day’s training learning about the role of a qualified First Aider. First aid is the immediate medical assistance given to someone suffering from an accident, injury or illness. At CAS we recognise the importance of first aid training and colleagues may need first aid during work hours, so it is important that people are trained and equipped to provide first aid to their colleagues should they need to.

One of the first things we learnt today were :

The Three P’s of First Aid

  • Preserve Life. As a first responder to any situation, you first priority should be to preserve life. …
  • Prevent Deterioration. Do what you can to keep the victim in stable condition until medical professionals arrive.
  • Promote Recovery.

Why do we need First Aid Training?

So, from learning about a First Aid Kit and what this entails, to resuscitation, using a defibrillator, what to do if someone is choking, the recovery position and much more, our eyes have been opened.

Thanks to Nikki at DYB-Training Ltd we are now all sorted for the next 3 years and passed the exam at the end! We are all now qualified and we will have a certificate to prove it!

So, in answer to why do we need First Aid Training? – CAS now have 8 employees fully trained First Aiders!

Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

How could the Chairless Chair benefit you or your employees? Do you work in a standing position or with your back bent?

If so, you are exposed to an elevated risk of developing back problems such as herniated disks or generic back problems.

In accordance with a study conducted by the German health insurance DAK, it has shown that three quarter of all professionals suffer from severe back issues.

How can you protect yourself from such health issues and how does it work?

In order to keep your back healthy, doctors and scientists recommend switching between sitting, standing and walking positions.

The noonee chairless chair provides:

  • Flexibility
  • Individual seat height adjustment
  • Support of your posture while working in a sitting position
  • Speed – It takes less than 30 seconds to put on the device and even less time to take it off
  • Freedom of movement
  • Replaces disruptive chairs and/or standing supports
  • Individualisation

The Chairless Chair® can be easily adjusted to various body types from 1.50 to 2.00 m and worn with different safety.

Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

Chairless chair in Industry

Take a look here at a video produced by our supplier ‘Noonee’. You or your employees will love it!

To find out more information, make an enquiry at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services, or request a demonstration at your premises, contact Neil Evans on 07717 202225