Anti-kick devices at CAS

Anti-kick devices at CAS

An Operator dropped a battery angled screwdriver recently at an engine manufacturer customer of ours after it ‘kicked’ during shut-off. As we provide Anti-kick devices at CAS, this was a prime opportunity for us to be able to solve a problem.

The customer asked CAS for potential countermeasure options, so we took in a similar tool with an anti-kick device fitted. We tightened earth straps at a high level due to possible future health and safety risks.

Line trials carried out by comparing this tool to what they previously used on the actual fixings.

Our contact, the Team Leader and his team were so impressed that we ended up demonstrating to the Section Manager, the H&S Manager and then the Shop Operations Manager.

It was then left with the customer to carry out further trials and was concluded as the countermeasure.

These are on order now and awaiting delivery with the solution rolled out across site and then shared to their sister sites.👌

The solution sold itself and is exactly what they needed to alleviate the issue being experiencing.😃

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Power Flush Repairs and Servicing

Power Flush Repairs and Servicing

Power Flush Repairs and Servicing

Power Flush Repairs and Servicing has been something CAS Assembly Tooling and Services have been doing since September 2020. One of our service technicians was asked a question by a customer and he replied well we could easily repair the power flushes. That’s where the story started and we’ve been doing them ever since!

A happy customer at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services today 😃

We repaired and serviced these power flushes for an energy provider. These are used commercially and domestically to clear out heating systems.

Power Flush Repairs in Birmingham, CAS Tooling and Assembly Services

Power Flush Repairs waiting to be collected and delivered back to the customer.

What might the problem be?

They had various issues from faulty motors to cracked moulded tanks, and faulty levers. All were diagnosed and repaired swiftly.

This morning they have been collected and more delivered for repair. Our Service Technician, Alan is ready for a busy Friday!

Power Flush Servicing & Repairs at CAS Tooling and Assembly Services

Glad to be able to assist with a tooling solution. For more information, take a look at our website page on Power Flush Repairs and Servicing here or give us a call on 0121 327 1700.