CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company!

CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company!

CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company!

CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company!…. This meant that CAS Assembly Tooling and Services were able to provide a demonstration to 12 employees from Ford.  Half of them were visiting from the overseas plant in Turkey and the rest being based at the Ford Dunton Technical Centre in Basildon. They come a long way to see design work every now and again so great to tie this in with their visit to the UK.

Initially they had and application in mind being the ‘Noonee’ Chairless Chair. Engineers have to climb inside the back of vans and attach electrical connections in a bent over position. So, we wanted to trial the Chairless Chair for this as they could trial it in the back of the van. Then to complete the work with less stress and strain on the back/spine. Inside the van, the Chairless chair worked well but there were some red flags about stepping in and out of it. These are now being discussed.

We also demonstrated how the Ironhand, Hunic Suit and Levitate Airframe devices could work for them. They  were also impressed with these. They are being considered in other areas at Ford and how they could be utilised in the right department.

CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company! CAS Assembly Tooling and Services, 0121 327 1700

Ford meets CAS employees Craig Smith and Ethan Gill

CAS ERGO have provided some great options to the manufacturing engineers giving an insight into ergonomic solutions for use in the plant. These have not been considered before.

The feedback so far has been very positive.😃

For further information call us on 0121 327 1700 and speak to Neil Evans, Sales Director, or one of the CAS Ergo team, Ethan Gill or Craig Smith.

Do you have an ergonomist?

Do you have an ergonomist?

Do you have an ergonomist?

Do you have an ergonomist? Does the company you work for need one? Is there a Health and Safety executive in the company?

Last week the CAS team visited a long standing existing customer in Redditch. We demonstrated all of our ergonomic devices in their factory. Working out which one fits them is the interesting part for our Business Development team because it’s personal choice. Other times it seems obvious as to what can help with back, arm, hand, neck strain with the different jobs they have.

Having the Ergonomist specialists along with manufacturing engineers and directors of the company always helps with finding the best product and seeking their opinions. Whether it is from the noonie chair, the ironhand, the levitate airframe or the hunic suit we have something for every business type.

Well done and thank you to the Sales Managers at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services for their continued support and demonstrations with CAS Ergo. Fabulous teamwork.

If you have an ergonomist or health and safety executive and would like to learn more about our CAS Ergo devices then please get in touch.

Contact Ethan Gill or Craig Smith in the first instance to arrange an appointment.