What back support do you need?

What back support do you need?

What back support do I need to do my job?

What back support do I need to do my job?

Hunic suit – How would this benefit you?

The main purpose of the supportive suit is that it protects the spine, keeps it straight and prevents workplace injuries. With one of these suits, this works because it avoids the overloading of muscles and joints. In collaboration with physiotherapists, sports scientists, and designers it aids workers with lifting and carrying loads by up to 21%. It also promotes ergonomic movement. The back support ensures a straight back and an upright position.

The Hunic Suit, a soft exo, is a fantastic support for many businesses. In particular, laboratories, warehouses, and packaging sites, to name but a few.

Experience the SoftExo in your company! CAS Assembly Tooling and Services offer you flexible options to get to know the SoftExo:

Presentation on site

  • Demonstration of the SoftExo on site
  • Inspection of the workplaces
  • Instruction by our experts
  • Experiments with our SoftExo by your employees in the workplace

Experience online – test on site.

  • Online demonstration of the SoftExo
  • Online instruction by our experts
  • Requirements dialogue on workplaces
  • Experiments with the Hunic SoftExo by your employees in the workplace

Some companies are still not allowing us to demonstrate on site. But, you can receive online advice and instruction from our experts instead. After either process you can rent our hunic exoskeleton and test it extensively within your team.

The SoftExo hunic suit can be seen here, demonstrated recently at a Health and Safety event at the NEC in Birmingham.

What back support do you need?

Gregor Fleish, designer of the Ironhand works with CAS at an exhibition.

So, for more details take a look at our website here. For detailed information refer to ‘Hunic SoftExo’ 

Would it be beneficial to have a demonstration in your company? Need your employees to try this out? Does it really benefit them? Would your Human Resources department like to see how the suit works?

Call Neil on tel:07717202225 or Craig on tel:07801922357