‘Men at work’ at CAS!

‘Men at work’ at CAS!

‘Men at work’ at CAS!

‘Men at work’ at CAS! Love a planning day. This picture captured here today when they were not looking!

'Men at work' at CAS! - CAS Assembly Tooling and Services, 0121 327 1700

CAS Head Office in Birmingham

Jason Kane and Des Kieff project management planning for a large automotive company and the Financial Director  hard at work busy keeping control of the company’s financial performance and strategic position.

Project management of industrial tools within any industry is imperative. Workers often do not receive what is deemed as ‘proper’ training so the CAS Assembly Tooling and Services project management team will always come to the forefront when needed.

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CAS Ergo demonstrations

CAS Ergo demonstrations

Cas Ergo demonstrations

As art of the Cas Ergo demonstrations booked in,  today it was the turn of a weapons company in the UK.

The customer had seen the ‘Ironhand’ on the BBC news earlier in the year and had enquired through our manufacturer, Bioservo about this fantastic product.

The opportunity arose in that Craig and Ethan were able to demo over a teams call this morning. There were 8 people on the call, all interested in what we had to say about the Ironhand.

CAS Ergo – the questions asked were :

How many times can the Ironhand go through the washing machine?

Does it have any effect on reducing vibration?

Can they have access to the Bioservo academy? (watching video’s on how to set up and use)

Great questions. All to be answered in due course…

Tomorrow we are at a large diesel engine manufacturer in Peterborough demonstrating all of our CAS Ergo products along with Martin Wilcockson who will be discussing tooling solutions.

CAS Ergo demonstration, Birmingham HQ, UK tooling solutions.