How time flies!

How time flies!

How time flies! – So, it’s 21 years since the birth of CAS Assembly Tooling and Services. Only our Chairman, Dave Heard has been here for that long as he is the one who started the company – from scratch!

Back in May 2001 the company acquired stock, assets and the benefit of existing contracts of Redhouse Engineering. Things really started to move in the industry with Dave at the forefront. In July 2002 CAS opened a new branch in Stoke on Trent. Things continued to improve and in October 2006 CAS were appointed to be a Makita Tool Distributor. Following on from this in November of the same year, CAS were appointed DeSoutter Tool Distrubutor. Bosch followed in 2008.

Lots of new tooling contracts were obtained by employing the right people into the right jobs and keeping communication levels running with key account managers. Accounts were opened in many industries including aerospace and manufacturing, but mainly in the automotive arena. We managed to secure many contracts with prestigious automotive companies which are still in place today and we are very proud.

Changes have taken place along the way and it’s by no means been an easy ride especially through the world wide pandemic for obvious reasons.

We are please to confirm and are very proud that with the four key directors now in place, and Dave as the Chairman, taking a back seat in the running on the company, CAS Assembly and Tooling thrives week on week and continue to secure fantastic contracts with key relationships being the key. Delivering the right tools and processes in any plant whether that be bespoke or not, our CAS Sales Team work hard to establish new relationships as well as looking after old ones.

Call us on 0121 327 1700 for an update on how we could help your company thrive with bespoke tooling and processes.

Here’s to the next 21 years!..and yes..How time flies!

Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners have been demonstrated recently at our Birmingham office. This was to show us the range of new and upgraded cordless vacuum cleaners. All are powered by Makita lithium batteries with impressive run times. Good news! – We are now able to demo on site at your facility anywhere in the UK.

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We were especially impressed with the backpack models designed for stairs. Ideal for places such as cinemas, theatres, airports, train stations, car showrooms, offices and many more.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, CAS Assembly Tooling and Services, Birmingham, Tooling distribution

CAS Assembly Tooling and Services

Contact us for further information about the Makita Cordless Cleaners and/or a demo.

Call us on 0121 327 1700.


Makita Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Makita Cordless Cleaners

Makita Cordless Cleaners

CAS Assembly Tooling and Services are proud to be working with Makita UK with their range of Makita Cordless Cleaners.

Versatility meets compact design with Makita® 18V LXT® Cordless Compact Vacuums. Ideal for commercial and residential use, #makitatools offers a range of options for debris disposal and power controls. Makita® Stick Vacuums are compact cordless solutions for fast and efficient cleaning, without compromising on performance. Also available 12V max CXT® Compact Vacuums.

Makita Cordless Cleaners, CAS Assembly Tooling and Services, Birmingham, Tooling distribution

Makita Tooling Products, CAS proud to be a distributor.

FAST CHARGING – Makita Cordless Cleaners

A built-in fan circulates air between the charger and battery to cool the battery for faster charge time.


Makita® Compact Vacuums feature a compact design and weigh less for reduced operator fatigue.


The exclusive Brushless Motor delivers lower sound, minimizing disruption.


Move without restriction from a cord. Onboard cleaning attachments are easy to maneuver to clean hard-to-reach places.

Feel free to contact any member of the team to arrange a demonstration of on site or at our Birmingham office. Feel free to give us a call on 0121 327 1700.


Makita tooling – Is this for your company?

Makita tooling – Is this for your company?

Makita tooling – Is this for your company? CAS Assembly Tooling and Services are Makita tooling ASA (Authorised Service Agent) accredited.

The number of companies allowed to do this in the UK is limited therefore we are honoured to have this authority. It highlights our quality of service and commitment to our longstanding relationship with one of the leading global brands in battery powered tooling.

The team at CAS love to demonstrate how battery powered tooling works and how they work in different industries. The automotive industry is where our journey with Makita started.

If it’s advice you need on what works in your industry, let us know here and if you have a faulty makita tool then we can certainly help at our workshop with the team at the CAS head office in Birmingham. Call us here.

So, Makita tooling – Is this for your company?
Makita Tooling

Makita Tooling – Use CAS advice for the best solution

Find out more about the CAS Team here and how they can help.