The Ironhand Glove

The Ironhand Glove

The Ironhand glove is designed to mimic the human body. The technology follows the user’s actions in an intuitive way and augments the gripping force only if the operator initiates a grasp.

Ironhand’s main ergonomic property is the ability to add force to the flexion of the fingers. So, this helps to relieve muscles that are responsible for flexing and gripping. By reducing the amount of force and strain put on these tendons, the use of Ironhand decreases the risk of cumulative injury.

CAS are very proud of the ‘ERGO’ products are able to provide as a UK distributor.  This is one of the most advanced exoskeletal systems around.

The Ironhand glove, CAS Assembly Tooling and Services

Demonstration of the Ironhand. Demo by the CAS team

Why Ironhand? How will this help employees?

The Ironhand glove is equipped with artificial tendons and pressure sensitive sensors located on the palm. They are also in the fingers’ middle phalanges and tips. So, the sensors detect when the user grabs an object which triggers the servo motors installed in the power pack. Then, a microcomputer then calculates the amount of power to be added and small motors pull the artificial tendons. As a result, the finger joints flex and a grip are performed with less force needed by the operator. But, the harder the user grips, the more force is applied by Ironhand. The Smart Assist function uses machine learning. It also adapts the behavior of the glove based on how the operator is using it, making it intuitive.

The best thing we can advise you to do is try this out in your workplace. You really need to see it to believe it. We can demonstrate the benefits with you.

Do you want to save time and money and hand/arm/RSI injuries?

Is it worth the investment. Take a look here to see it in action.

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