What tooling brand should I use?

What tooling brand should I use?

What tooling brand should I use? –

At CAS we assess what tools companies are currently using and why they are using them. Often, we need to understand why the current brand of tooling is being used. So, most of the time we can advise alternatives depending on what industry we are dealing with. We deal with any industry from automotive, to aerospace to manufacturing to construction and beyond. We have the whole of the UK covered so let us know when we can come to your premises for an onsite visit.

What tooling brand should I use?

Cox Powertrain recent visit by CAS

Our sales team and directors have a fountain of knowledge and most have been in the industry for years, thus giving the right advice at any point, some specifically having specialisms in certain industries.

The tooling brands we deal with are : Ingersoll Rand, DeSoutter, Ingersoll Rand, Sturtevant Richmont, Lubbering, Makita, Bosch, Chicago Pneumatic, Norbar, Ekatec, Crane, ASG, Jemms, CAS Ergo, Levitate, Noonee, Hunic, Bioservo, and Visumatic.

Whatever your tooling solution, we have the solution for you at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services.

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