Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

Shaun Byford and Jason Hannon attended one of our construction company customers in the West Midlands this week. The company has a diverse set of skills covering product design and development, performance and validation testing. They also have system control and integration, machine learning and data analytics.  The engineering team is a critical component and CAS Assembly Tooling and Services in Birmingham are delighted to be working with a forward thinking global construction company.


With sustainability as a core value, the U.K. team develops services and products which places them at the forefront of the green future and are constantly looking for improvements and efficiencies. These advancements take account of the entire lifecycle, increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They  are also improving interconnectedness of systems and minimizing waste through remanufacturing expertise.

CAS have built a strong relationship over the years with the guidance and leadership of Neil Evans and we continue to make improvements, manage their supply and installation of on site tooling and servicing their production tooling. We learn together, and on site, to solve day to day challenges as a team.

Our experienced engineers, Jason and Shaun have converted an old ‘Tech motive CS 5700’ which was 18 years old and replaced it with a Desoutter CVI3 controller, a visual and audible lamp system and a networked CVI analyser reporting system.

Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

Image of Shaun with the old controller!

The Outcome

So, Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

Now, Managers can look at live data and results from anywhere in the factory which they couldn’t before. The results consist of torque and angle results when they tighten the cylinder head bolts on an engine. The outcome of a forward thinking company.

Why replace a Tech motive CS 5700?

The replacement controller – Desoutter CVI3 controller

✔Better process, fantastic results. For more details please contact Neil on 0121 327 1700


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