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Improving Hand Health outcomes with HAVi Technologies & CAS Group

CAS Group have recently partnered with the market leading experts in managing HAV Risk, HAVi Technologies Ltd. The partnership gives us access to their innovative range of management solutions and hardware that really can make a difference to hand health.

HAVi & CAS Group offer you a bespoke turnkey solution to compliance. Our solution meets the HSE guidance on the management of Hand Arm Vibration (L140) in full and without exception.

What is Compliance?

You are required to:

Provide evidence of a Suitable and Sufficient Risk Assessment for Hand Arm Vibration, including an accurate assessment of the …

  • Vibration Magnitude of the tool (m/s2)
  • Time an operative is or is likely to be exposed to vibration (“Trigger Time”)

Provide evidence of reducing risk to As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP) using appropriate control measures


Havi in Action:

HAVi Technologies - Cas Ltd UK, UK Distribution

We do this:


Measure the vibration magnitude of your powered hand tools according to BS EN 5349-2 and BS EN 8041 As part of a Suitable & Sufficient Risk Assessment, you MUST provide an accurate assessment of vibration magnitude.

An effortless solution to monitoring real time personal vibration exposure


As part of a Suitable & Sufficient Risk Assessment, you must provide an accurate assessment of time exposed to vibration.



Create your risk assessments and provide Insights to target activity on the areas that make the biggest difference to health outcomes. You are required to provide evidence that you have reduced risk to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)


Myth Busting:

Sample Monitoring

You do not need to measure every tool and every operative on a permanent basis

Collecting Data v’s Taking Action

Simply collecting HAVs exposure data does not make you compliant

Manufacturers Vibration Values

You should not rely on Manufacturers stated vibration magnitude values.

Wrist Worn Measurement Devices

There is no approved device for measuring vibration on the wrist.

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