Hunic Exoskelton suits

Hunic Exoskelton suits

We posted in September about how CAS had been nominated to be the UK’s provider of Hunic Exoskeleton suits by XPO Logistics.

XPO Logistics

XPO, is a leading global provider of innovative and sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions. They have successfully completed a pilot trial of the HUNIC  suits at certain company sites. The technology will be deployed across the UK and Ireland later this year which is fantastic news for their employees and their health, safety and well-being.

The HUNIC exoskeleton technology supports the wearers during heavy lifting and ensures correct posture to reduce the risk of injury.

The SoftExos were introduced in January at XPO Logistics network locations and some dedicated warehouses, including:

·      Crick (Scania)
·      The shared warehouse in Leicester (Samsung)
·      The Volkswagen Group UK National Parts Distribution Centre in Dordon
·      Glen Dimplex
·      Daimler in Milton Keynes.
Prestigious Nomination from XPO Logistics for CAS! Hunic Exoskelton suits from CAS Ergo

The Hunic Soft Exo Suit

Significant increases in productivity have been observed with the Hunic Exoskelton suits. It’s important to emphasise that these enhancements do not stem from the ability to lift more loads. However, it’s rather from the continuous support the solution provides.

This support from CAS Ergo helps to reduce fatigue among employees and minimises errors in picking. Alternatively, can be due to inattentiveness, particularly towards the end of their shifts.

The reduction in errors and injuries leads to a significantly lower error rate. This improved accuracy and workplace safety have an immediate impact on overall productivity. Fewer errors mean less time and resources are spent on error correction, resulting in more efficient work processes.

Consequently, we can confidently say that the solution not only safeguards the health and safety at work procedures of employees but also greatly enhances productivity. This reduces the error rate and optimising work processes.

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Hunic Exoskelton suits on trial at a Health and Safety exhibition in 2021

Hunic Exoskelton suits

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