Levitate airframe – What is the benefit?

Levitate airframe

What is the benefit of having a levitate airframe device in the workplace?

Why would you try them? Do your employees have shoulder, back or neck issues?

Levitate airframe

Work related musculoskeletal disorders from stress and fatigue are on the rise across a variety of industries. This costs employers thousands in healthcare costs and also time. More employees are having time off with work related injuries.  Many have to be employed in other areas which is certainly not ideal.

Here is a link to understand how the airframe works.

A self powered Exoskeleton system can only be the way forward in the automotive, rail, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries.

CAS ergo, part of CAS Assembly Tooling and Services is in partnership with Levitate Technologies. We are the only distributor in the UK for this fantastic exoskeletal device. The levitate airframe is seen here, demonstrated and fitted on to Sarah Beggan, being fitted by Sales Manager Craig Smith.

Levitate Airframe

Airframe Demonstration

CAS - Tooling


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