YMCA Sleepout – 2023

YMCA – Sleepout 2023

The YMCA – Sleepout 2023 is an event organised each year to raise money for the homeless in and around the Burton on Trent area. Our Financial Director Brian, and his wife Sarah are participating in 8 days time, in the sleepout,  joining over 100 other amazing people. They are all giving up their warm, comfy beds for one night so that others don’t have to.

Sarah originates from Burton on Trent and the YMCA charity has always been something close to her heart. After learning about what the fundraisers do and the volunteers recently it’s opened her eyes as to what homeless people go through, often through no fault of their own.

The YMCA know from experience that working with homelessness, prevention, and outreach that there are many fears and anxieties felt by people experiencing this dreadful situation.

  • No one wakes up and decides to be homeless out of choice and everyone has a different story.

What are they?

  • Anxious about safety and fear of abuse or attack.
  • Isolation, loneliness and cut off from society
  • Lack of stability and a safe place to stay
  • No access to basic washing facilities or even health services
  • Finding somewhere to sleep that offers cover from the weather elements and then it is poor quality sleep.

Homelessness and the fear of it can be debilitating mentally and physically.

YMCA - Sleepout 2023, Brian and Sarah at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services do their 'bit' for charity!

This year, CAS have sponsored a cardboard box for the YMCA – Sleepout 2023. We are looking for sponsorship to help with our chosen charity this year.😉

If anyone has a few pounds to help support this amazing charity and the work the volunteers do, we’d appreciate it. Here’s the link.

Good luck Brian and Sarah sleeping outside, in a cardboard box. This will be their shelter, in a tunnel at Burton Albion Football Club.📦😬

To find out more about the YMCA, check out this link.

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