Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

How could the Chairless Chair benefit you or your employees? Do you work in a standing position or with your back bent?

If so, you are exposed to an elevated risk of developing back problems such as herniated disks or generic back problems.

In accordance with a study conducted by the German health insurance DAK, it has shown that three quarter of all professionals suffer from severe back issues.

How can you protect yourself from such health issues and how does it work?

In order to keep your back healthy, doctors and scientists recommend switching between sitting, standing and walking positions.

The noonee chairless chair provides:

  • Flexibility
  • Individual seat height adjustment
  • Support of your posture while working in a sitting position
  • Speed – It takes less than 30 seconds to put on the device and even less time to take it off
  • Freedom of movement
  • Replaces disruptive chairs and/or standing supports
  • Individualisation

The Chairless Chair® can be easily adjusted to various body types from 1.50 to 2.00 m and worn with different safety.

Could the Chairless Chair benefit you?

Chairless chair in Industry

Take a look here at a video produced by our supplier ‘Noonee’. You or your employees will love it!

To find out more information, make an enquiry at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services, or request a demonstration at your premises, contact Neil Evans on 07717 202225

CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company!

CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company!

CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company!

CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company!…. This meant that CAS Assembly Tooling and Services were able to provide a demonstration to 12 employees from Ford.  Half of them were visiting from the overseas plant in Turkey and the rest being based at the Ford Dunton Technical Centre in Basildon. They come a long way to see design work every now and again so great to tie this in with their visit to the UK.

Initially they had and application in mind being the ‘Noonee’ Chairless Chair. Engineers have to climb inside the back of vans and attach electrical connections in a bent over position. So, we wanted to trial the Chairless Chair for this as they could trial it in the back of the van. Then to complete the work with less stress and strain on the back/spine. Inside the van, the Chairless chair worked well but there were some red flags about stepping in and out of it. These are now being discussed.

We also demonstrated how the Ironhand, Hunic Suit and Levitate Airframe devices could work for them. They  were also impressed with these. They are being considered in other areas at Ford and how they could be utilised in the right department.

CAS Ergo visits Ford Motor Company! CAS Assembly Tooling and Services, 0121 327 1700

Ford meets CAS employees Craig Smith and Ethan Gill

CAS ERGO have provided some great options to the manufacturing engineers giving an insight into ergonomic solutions for use in the plant. These have not been considered before.

The feedback so far has been very positive.😃

For further information call us on 0121 327 1700 and speak to Neil Evans, Sales Director, or one of the CAS Ergo team, Ethan Gill or Craig Smith.

CAS Ergo demonstrations

CAS Ergo demonstrations

Cas Ergo demonstrations

As art of the Cas Ergo demonstrations booked in,  today it was the turn of a weapons company in the UK.

The customer had seen the ‘Ironhand’ on the BBC news earlier in the year and had enquired through our manufacturer, Bioservo about this fantastic product.

The opportunity arose in that Craig and Ethan were able to demo over a teams call this morning. There were 8 people on the call, all interested in what we had to say about the Ironhand.

CAS Ergo – the questions asked were :

How many times can the Ironhand go through the washing machine?

Does it have any effect on reducing vibration?

Can they have access to the Bioservo academy? (watching video’s on how to set up and use)

Great questions. All to be answered in due course…

Tomorrow we are at a large diesel engine manufacturer in Peterborough demonstrating all of our CAS Ergo products along with Martin Wilcockson who will be discussing tooling solutions.

CAS Ergo demonstration, Birmingham HQ, UK tooling solutions.

How can CAS Ergo help reduce stress and fatigue?

How can CAS Ergo help reduce stress and fatigue?

How can CAS help reduce stress and fatigue?

How can CAS help reduce stress and significantly provide improvements with muscle fatigue, back and neck pain? What can reduce the chance of injury?

As one of the CAS Ergo variety of products on offer, the airframe is successfully reducing stress and fatigue for skilled workers.

They are work in progress at major manufacturers around the world including BMW, John Deere and Toyota.

Because of the world pandemic health and safety policies have been reviewed as have HR manuals. It bought to the forefront of many businesses, how employees need to be cared for on the health and safety front. At CAS we ensure this happens by the distribution of CAS Ergo devices. Because of our demonstrations we can now show how they work and prove the workability and benefits.

Health and safety at work is really important to us as tool distributors and as part of our package with tooling we can advise and provide the best products for many industries. These include aerospace, manufacturing, construction, automotive, tree surgery, and the medical industry plus many more.

How can CAS help reduce stress and fatigue?

Industry leader to help muscle stress and fatigue

✔It’s revolutionised the way we think about PPE.

So, it’s great to see how the #airframe works in all kinds of industries. Watch the videos here to see how it affects the workforce. However, one device may not work where as another does. That’s why we demo on a regular basis in front of the right people. A great stress and fatigue solution.

For further information contact either myself or Craig on 07801 922357.

Demonstrations are available to book in advance.

The Ironhand Glove

The Ironhand Glove

The Ironhand Glove

The Ironhand glove is designed to mimic the human body. The technology follows the user’s actions in an intuitive way and augments the gripping force only if the operator initiates a grasp.

Ironhand’s main ergonomic property is the ability to add force to the flexion of the fingers. So, this helps to relieve muscles that are responsible for flexing and gripping. By reducing the amount of force and strain put on these tendons, the use of Ironhand decreases the risk of cumulative injury.

CAS are very proud of the ‘ERGO’ products are able to provide as a UK distributor.  This is one of the most advanced exoskeletal systems around.

The Ironhand glove, CAS Assembly Tooling and Services

Demonstration of the Ironhand. Demo by the CAS team

Why Ironhand? How will this help employees?

The Ironhand glove is equipped with artificial tendons and pressure sensitive sensors located on the palm. They are also in the fingers’ middle phalanges and tips. So, the sensors detect when the user grabs an object which triggers the servo motors installed in the power pack. Then, a microcomputer then calculates the amount of power to be added and small motors pull the artificial tendons. As a result, the finger joints flex and a grip are performed with less force needed by the operator. But, the harder the user grips, the more force is applied by Ironhand. The Smart Assist function uses machine learning. It also adapts the behavior of the glove based on how the operator is using it, making it intuitive.

The best thing we can advise you to do is try this out in your workplace. You really need to see it to believe it. We can demonstrate the benefits with you.

Do you want to save time and money and hand/arm/RSI injuries?

Is it worth the investment. Take a look here to see it in action.

What back support do you need?

What back support do you need?

What back support do I need to do my job?

What back support do I need to do my job?

Hunic suit – How would this benefit you?

The main purpose of the supportive suit is that it protects the spine, keeps it straight and prevents workplace injuries. With one of these suits, this works because it avoids the overloading of muscles and joints. In collaboration with physiotherapists, sports scientists, and designers it aids workers with lifting and carrying loads by up to 21%. It also promotes ergonomic movement. The back support ensures a straight back and an upright position.

The Hunic Suit, a soft exo, is a fantastic support for many businesses. In particular, laboratories, warehouses, and packaging sites, to name but a few.

Experience the SoftExo in your company! CAS Assembly Tooling and Services offer you flexible options to get to know the SoftExo:

Presentation on site

  • Demonstration of the SoftExo on site
  • Inspection of the workplaces
  • Instruction by our experts
  • Experiments with our SoftExo by your employees in the workplace

Experience online – test on site.

  • Online demonstration of the SoftExo
  • Online instruction by our experts
  • Requirements dialogue on workplaces
  • Experiments with the Hunic SoftExo by your employees in the workplace

Some companies are still not allowing us to demonstrate on site. But, you can receive online advice and instruction from our experts instead. After either process you can rent our hunic exoskeleton and test it extensively within your team.

The SoftExo hunic suit can be seen here, demonstrated recently at a Health and Safety event at the NEC in Birmingham.

What back support do you need?

Gregor Fleish, designer of the Ironhand works with CAS at an exhibition.

So, for more details take a look at our website here. For detailed information refer to ‘Hunic SoftExo’ 

Would it be beneficial to have a demonstration in your company? Need your employees to try this out? Does it really benefit them? Would your Human Resources department like to see how the suit works?

Call Neil on tel:07717202225 or Craig on tel:07801922357