YMCA Sleepout – 2023

YMCA Sleepout – 2023

YMCA – Sleepout 2023

The YMCA – Sleepout 2023 is an event organised each year to raise money for the homeless in and around the Burton on Trent area. Our Financial Director Brian, and his wife Sarah are participating in 8 days time, in the sleepout,  joining over 100 other amazing people. They are all giving up their warm, comfy beds for one night so that others don’t have to.

Sarah originates from Burton on Trent and the YMCA charity has always been something close to her heart. After learning about what the fundraisers do and the volunteers recently it’s opened her eyes as to what homeless people go through, often through no fault of their own.

The YMCA know from experience that working with homelessness, prevention, and outreach that there are many fears and anxieties felt by people experiencing this dreadful situation.

  • No one wakes up and decides to be homeless out of choice and everyone has a different story.

What are they?

  • Anxious about safety and fear of abuse or attack.
  • Isolation, loneliness and cut off from society
  • Lack of stability and a safe place to stay
  • No access to basic washing facilities or even health services
  • Finding somewhere to sleep that offers cover from the weather elements and then it is poor quality sleep.

Homelessness and the fear of it can be debilitating mentally and physically.

YMCA - Sleepout 2023, Brian and Sarah at CAS Assembly Tooling and Services do their 'bit' for charity!

This year, CAS have sponsored a cardboard box for the YMCA – Sleepout 2023. We are looking for sponsorship to help with our chosen charity this year.😉

If anyone has a few pounds to help support this amazing charity and the work the volunteers do, we’d appreciate it. Here’s the link.

Good luck Brian and Sarah sleeping outside, in a cardboard box. This will be their shelter, in a tunnel at Burton Albion Football Club.📦😬

To find out more about the YMCA, check out this link.

Hunic Exoskelton suits

Hunic Exoskelton suits

Hunic Exoskelton suits

We posted in September about how CAS had been nominated to be the UK’s provider of Hunic Exoskeleton suits by XPO Logistics.

XPO Logistics

XPO, is a leading global provider of innovative and sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions. They have successfully completed a pilot trial of the HUNIC  suits at certain company sites. The technology will be deployed across the UK and Ireland later this year which is fantastic news for their employees and their health, safety and well-being.

The HUNIC exoskeleton technology supports the wearers during heavy lifting and ensures correct posture to reduce the risk of injury.

The SoftExos were introduced in January at XPO Logistics network locations and some dedicated warehouses, including:

·      Crick (Scania)
·      The shared warehouse in Leicester (Samsung)
·      The Volkswagen Group UK National Parts Distribution Centre in Dordon
·      Glen Dimplex
·      Daimler in Milton Keynes.
Prestigious Nomination from XPO Logistics for CAS! Hunic Exoskelton suits from CAS Ergo

The Hunic Soft Exo Suit

Significant increases in productivity have been observed with the Hunic Exoskelton suits. It’s important to emphasise that these enhancements do not stem from the ability to lift more loads. However, it’s rather from the continuous support the solution provides.

This support from CAS Ergo helps to reduce fatigue among employees and minimises errors in picking. Alternatively, can be due to inattentiveness, particularly towards the end of their shifts.

The reduction in errors and injuries leads to a significantly lower error rate. This improved accuracy and workplace safety have an immediate impact on overall productivity. Fewer errors mean less time and resources are spent on error correction, resulting in more efficient work processes.

Consequently, we can confidently say that the solution not only safeguards the health and safety at work procedures of employees but also greatly enhances productivity. This reduces the error rate and optimising work processes.

We’d like to invite you to be kept in the loop and receive the latest updates on the Hunic Suit.
Click here to subscribe for the newsletter and feel free to contact us for further information either on linkedin or call Neil Evans, our Sales Director on 07717 202225.

Demo’s available but there is currently a waiting list due to demand so please let us get you booked in the diary!

Hunic Exoskelton suits on trial at a Health and Safety exhibition in 2021

Hunic Exoskelton suits

Prestigious Nomination from XPO Logistics for CAS!

Prestigious Nomination from XPO Logistics for CAS!

Prestigious nomination for CAS! – CAS Assembly Tooling and Services receive a nomination to provide Hunic Suits 

XPO Logistics roll out the Hunic Exoskeleton to all parts of the UK and Ireland after a highly successful safety and wellbeing trial

London, UK – 14 September 2023

In a significant milestone for the tooling and manufacturing industry, CAS Assembly and Tooling are proud to announce its nomination as a Hunic Exoskeleton provider by XPO Logistics Europe.

This coveted recognition underscores CAS Assembly and Tooling’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Also innovation in the realm of assembly solutions and tooling health and safety.

The nomination as a Hunic provider positions CAS Assembly and Tooling among the elite in the industry. This solidifies the reputation as pioneers and leaders in health and safety excellence. With a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to driving forward the future of assembly, tooling and services, the selection as a Hunic Suit provider under our banner of ‘CAS Ergo’ is a testament to our dedication and expertise. Health and Safety at work is so important for employee’s ability to do there jobs successfully and correctly.

With our commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions that exceed customer expectations, CAS have not only excelled in the industry but also set new benchmarks for others to follow.

XPO, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable transport and logistics solutions in Europe, has successfully completed a pilot trial of Hunic safety equipment  at specific sites within the business and will deploy the exoskeletons across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Using the Hunic Exoskeleton assists XPO colleagues with heavy lifting duties, ensuring their posture is correct to reduce the chance of injury. It has also significantly reduced the fatigue felt by those working in the five depots where the suits were tested, boosting productivity.

The main benefits are:

 The back support ensures a straight back and an upright position.
 Elastomers support the leg muscles when lifting from a crouch.
 The additional support the wearer gets in overbending of the spine.
 Body position remains upright when standing and walking.
 Elastomers provide up to 21% assistance in standing from crouched.

Ian Fox, head of health and safety – UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics, said: “The feedback from the users of the exoskeletons during the pilot was hugely positive. The wearers reported significantly less fatigue and effort required in the routine handling activities, which has supported the decision to expand the use and invest in the equipment for the benefit of our colleagues.”

“Additionally, we found that the exoskeleton assists in forming good postural habits that will continue into life in general when not wearing the equipment.”

We hear the phrase ‘muscle memory’ a lot these days. So, safe practices are also being taken home as well.

The Hunic Exoskeleton is designed to prevent the wearer from lifting with an incorrect posture. It will only allow the body to move in connection with safe manual handling techniques. It will not, for example, allow the back to have incorrect posture movements. The suit helps the wearer undertake repetitive lifting safely whilst improving turnaround time.

As a result of lower fatigue when wearing the suits, XPO has seen a 15-20% reduction in unloading time on Samsung containers. This means increased productivity for those wearing them.

XPO expects to deploy the exoskeleton across the UK and Ireland before the end of the year after the successful pilot at specific business sites.

A Prestigious nomination for CAS!👌

 Prestigious Nomination from XPO Logistics for CAS! CAS Assembly Tooling and Services , Hunic Exoskeleton

The Hunic (Soft Exo) Suit in action

For enquiries, and a demo, please contact CAS Assembly Tooling and Services Sales Director, Neil on 07717 202225.


🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

👉Great to have received these comments recently and it’s not every Tuesday it’s 🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

From : Senior Director at a High value automotive company.👌

” I wanted to take a moment following the line start-up this morning. This was to express my thanks for Matt (Brooke) on the successful delivery of the Wheel Fit Station move project over the Summer Shutdown period.

Matt, and the team he assembled, showed outstanding dedication to safety. Also, meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire shutdown period. Please pass on my thanks to the full contracting team.

The ability to manage and contain the complexities and challenges that arose during the project (the bent torque tube and broken spring balancer) was notable. These ultimately could have risked our ability to build vehicles today.

In addition, the method by which the project was managed day to day has set a new standard for how high-risk projects are managed on site.

Please accept my thanks and know that your team’s dedication has made a lasting impression.”

It’s great to receive testimonials now and again and for this project. We are particularly grateful to our very own Matt Brooke for taking on the challenge with dedication and pride for CAS Assembly Tooling and Services yet again. Great to have him and his expertise on board.

If anyone wishes to hear more about our projects and how we can help them in any industry, not only the automotive, you are welcome for a chat. Please call Neil Evans or Jason Kane to talk about anything project management! Call on 01213271700

🌟Testimonial Tuesday!🌟

CAS Ergo demonstrations

CAS Ergo demonstrations

Cas Ergo demonstrations

As part of the Cas Ergo demonstrations booked in, recently, it was the turn of a weapons company in the UK.

The customer had seen the ‘Ironhand’ on the BBC news earlier in the year and had enquired through our manufacturer, Bioservo about this fantastic product.

Ironhand - Cas Ergo

The opportunity arose in that two members of our team were able to demo over a teams this time as an introduction but of course this can be done in person at your convenience. There were 8 people on the call, all interested in what we had to say about the Ironhand.

CAS Ergo – the questions asked were :

How many times can the Ironhand go through the washing machine?

Does it have any effect on reducing vibration?

Can they have access to the Bioservo Academy? (watching videos on how to set up and use)

Great questions! All duly answered by our fantastic team!

If you would like a demonstration of the Iron hand or any of the fantastic Ergo products them please let us know on 0121 327 1700 or email us on info@cas-ltd.uk.com.

We’d love the opportunity to see how this could work on your premises with your employees. Health and Safety at work is such a high priority as is looking after your employees. 🙂